If you missed part 1 about why it is important to analyze your physical, occupational, and spiritual health, click here. In continuation of part 1, part 2 will be discussing why it is important to analyze your emotional, social, and spiritual health. 

Emotional Health

More and more it is visible how few people are connected to themselves. When you are not connected to yourself you cannot be present. When you are not present you can’t correctly identify feelings and emotions. This is why meditation practices are important. If you live in your mind how can you connect to anything? Emotions and feelings are neither good nor bad, it is your response or reaction to them that can be negative or positive. Taking time to tune into and identify your emotions allows you to change your thinking and actions when it’s appropriate, the first step to emotional intelligence. 

Social Health

As humans, we are by nature, social beings. Urbanization has led to major changes in our social fabric. It is well known that loneliness and feelings of isolation have a significant impact on health, both physical and mental. Everyone needs to feel they belong somewhere and are loved.  Do you actively invest in relationships, with family, in friendships, and create a circle of like-minded people around you? Isolation kills the body, mind, and soul. Mastering social skills by interacting with people you don’t know on a daily basis will increase your social intelligence.

Spiritual Health: 

There is a Buddhist saying: “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”  It is what gives life meaning. When you see yourself in service, mindful of the needs of others you are living a spiritual life. If you are awake to the beauty of life and being alive, you are connected to spirituality. Nature is innately spiritual, the beauty of a sunset, budding leaves, birdsong, new life, all these things touch some sacred part of us.  If you have peace in your heart and mind and have gratitude for the blessings in your life, you are honoring the spiritual aspect of yourself. As stated earlier on, you are a Soul having a human experience. For those who understand this, spirituality is a way of living in the world, managing to live everyday life and attending to the Soul’s yearning. In the words of Caroline Myss, self-examination is “the process of accountability to your soul. It is far better to become your truth than to speak your truth. Self-examination is the process of becoming your truth.”(Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and your Soul’s Purpose.)