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                                                         Sir Sean Connery in the Louis Vuitton Advert, 2008

When I heard the news of Sir Sean Connery’s passing on the 30th October 2020, I took a little time to remember his remarkable journey of life.

Sean Connery was born in Scotland to a working-class family. His career path from humble beginnings is an interesting one. Although most of us know him only as James Bond 007, his path to success was not straightforward. He left school early and his working life began as a milkman. At 16 he enlisted in the Royal Navy but was discharged on medical grounds some years later. He took various jobs including a bricklayer, lifeguard, still life model, soccer player, before getting his break as an actor.

When I looked at his Vedic astrology chart over the last few days, I could see clearly how his destiny played out. The positioning of Saturn and other planets in his chart showed that the early part of his life would be difficult, but success would follow later after the age of 28. At the age of 30, he landed his first big role as James Bond, after this his life did a 360°.

Sagittarian ascendant sitting Saturn watching his seventh house Mars and Jupiter indicates he was a great Yogi in his past life. Rahu placed in his 5th house, produced many obstacles in his early life, but also indicates that he had occult power. Rahu and Ketu in his 5th/11th axis certainly produced an extraordinary man. These two houses are connected to the sense of self and the interactions that one has with the infinite others. When Rahu is in the 5th house and Ketu in the 11th a person is usually attracted to the experience of the deepest self and the flow of experience is inward towards the individual self. Sean Connery was as deep as the ocean and very grounded in his life.

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                                                               Sir Sean Connery Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

The positioning of the sun in his 9th house was very strong. It indicates that he had copious amounts of cosmic energy, great determination, and also shows that in spite of any difficulties he would shine in life, and this is certainly what he did!

What I find most interesting in his chart is that his planetary positions also influenced the type of roles, the people he worked with and the weapons he used in the movies. For example, his 10th house of profession sees Mercury exalted and forming a great raja yoga in conjunction with Venus and Moon. In his chart, he has vimshottari dasha of moon which influenced him to work with water related roles. Also remember here that he was a milkman and a lifeguard when he was a young man. With the influence of Venus in his chart, he always worked with beautiful actors.

The position of Rahu in his 5th house influenced his roles as a successful spy! The combination of Jupiter and Mars in his 7th house watched by Saturn in his 1st indicates that he would use a lot of weapons and gadgets in his life, but with the influence of Jupiter for protection no one would be injured by these. All these planetary positions and their influences are truly reflected in his role as James Bond 007.

In 1971, he chose to leave the role of James Bond behind him, after this he struggled to find success at the same level. But in 1982, with the influence of Jupiter and Mars in his chart success returned with the movie “Never Say Never”. Later, Saturn was to show its positive effect in his life, evidence by the fact he won both British Best Actor Academy Award and Best Supporting Oscar Award. The combination of Mars and Jupiter in his 7th house gave him all his glory and luck. Sean Connery’s horoscope is of great karma yogi. With this type of horoscope, a person dies in physical form, but their name remains for centuries.

In the last few days, one of my students shared a YouTube clip with me where Sean Connery and his close friend composer Vangelis came together to release a single. This single is based on a poem written in 1911, that was inspired by Odysseus return journey to his home island, Ithaca.

The key message in this poem is to enjoy the journey of this life. What is important is that our soul evolves, more than where the journey brings us.

A life lived wisely, full of experiences and working to make your dreams come true will always bring us home. The truth is this is how Sean Connery lived his life.

Having listened to it, is a fitting tribute to the man himself how he lived his life. This poem opens with the lines:

“As you set out for Ithaca
hope that your journey is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery…”

I believe that is how his life was and I echo the words of his friend Vangelis who wrote in a tribute over the last few days “ I wish you this journey to the known unknown to bring you even closer to harmony and fulfilment to your soul. Your friend, Vangelis”

In the same way that Sean Connery read this poem at the funeral of Jackie Onassis at her request, it would be a fitting tribute I believe that it would be read at his.

I am including a link to their recording which I would encourage you to listen to. My wish for you is that your life’s Journey turns into a legend of your own self-discovery.