Finding consistent emotional support isn’t always a guarantee as much of life’s events are not definite. People must understand that true peace lies within themselves, within their mind. There are countless influences in society, culture, religion, and more. And, oftentimes some don’t quite resonate with such ideals. These perceptions of how one should live their life can conflict with individuals, making adaptability a bit difficult. A person shouldn’t rely on external validation while on their pursuit of happiness. When you seek validation from within, your perception begins to change for the better.  Everything begins with one’s mentality. People looking to live better lifestyles can their mindset into a more positive one by incorporating some of the following habits:

Understand Feelings Are Momentary

Life often throws hurdles that have the ability to change our state of feeling. This is if people allow themselves to be impacted in such a negative way. Luckily, people are much more powerful than they realize and have the ability to control their emotions. It may seem easier said than done. However, all it really requires is a conscious effort and consistent practice. Feelings are temporary and keeping this in mind will help people to understand that things won’t always be difficult. Sometimes people prolong their suffering because they believe it won’t pass. Therefore, it doesn’t because suffering is also a mindset just as positivity is a mindset.

Practice Being Mindful

It’s okay to feel whatever emotions arise. However, it doesn’t benefit one to allow these emotions to dictate how they react or respond. Just because a feeling is present, that doesn’t mean it has to be one’s reality. For instance, one may feel momentarily as if their life circumstances won’t improve. However, one must know that this is not a positive mindset. Life will change for the better once the individual realizes they have that power to do so. One way to be mindful is to practice mindfulness meditation. By finding a comfortable spot and closing the eyes, a person will be able to deepen their relaxation. Focus on slow and deep breathing. Negative thoughts might naturally arise, however, these thoughts don’t have to be entertained. Only observe and let go, do not engage. By allowing thoughts to come and go while refocusing back on breathing, a person will notice it also becomes easy to let negative feelings come and go.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Subconsciously, people soak up everything like a sponge. This doesn’t exclude entertainment or jokes. One should try to limit themselves from listening to sad songs, using self-deprecating jokes, or surrounding themselves with others who think negatively.