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Baba Bharthi is a monk who lives in a village temple serving the temple and the people in the village. His only worldly possession is his beautiful horse Sultan a majestic animal. The horse is famous in the neighbouring areas and one day the beautiful animal is noticed by Khadga Singh, the infamous outlaw. He sets his mind on acquiring this majestic horse, but no matter how much he offers to pay, Baba Bharti refuses to sell. He threatens the Baba with dire consequences and leaves.

A few months later, as the Baba is out riding on his beloved Sultan, he notices a disabled man on the road who seems to have a lot of trouble walking. He begs Baba for a ride into the village. Moved by the man’s plight Baba helps him onto the horse. As soon as he is firmly up on the horse, the disabled man pushes the Baba away. It turns out that the disabled man is none other than Khadga Singh in disguise. He tells the Baba that since he is in possession of the horse it belongs to him, and warns him not to come looking for him.

Baba tells him he can keep the horse but has one request, that Khadga Singh tells nobody how he tricked him.. Kharag Singh was very intrigued and surprised, he can’t imagine why Baba Bharti would make such a request. He tried to comprehend, but could not think of any logical reason… so he asked “Baba, why such a strange request? What purpose will it serve for you? “. Baba Bharti looked straight in the eye and said: “My son… If you tell about this incident, no one will ever help a person in need … they will lose faith and never trust the weaker person…”. After saying this, Baba Bharti slowly went away but his words echoed in Kharag Singh’s ears. He thought about them a lot and felt very sorry. In the dead of night, he brought Sultan back to the temple and tied him up in his stable. He had tears in his eyes, tears of repentance and guilt. He left before anyone could see him.