Life is hard. Or is it? There are days when everything seems to be taking a turn for the worse and others where it feels we’re on cloud nine. As much as our trials and tribulations weigh on our minds, it is in our relationships with others that we find our biggest joys and our deepest sorrows. Luckily we can take an active approach to improve our relationships and make ourselves happier as a result. Here are just three valuable pieces of advice for making your relationships (the romantic ones in particular) the best they can be.

Never Make a Promise You Can’t Keep
Trust is integral to any relationship. When someone phrases something like a promise, we wholeheartedly expect them to keep it. And if they fail to keep their word, we understandably feel heartbroken and let down. That is why it is so important never to make a promise you can’t keep. If your partner asks something of you, don’t say you will do it if, in reality, you can’t. It is better to admit an inability than to insist you’ll make a change that you ultimately fail to bring about. And if you do make a promise, whether it is about something as small as making the bed or big as avoiding infidelities, be sure to keep it.

Make a note of Special Days
Birthdays and anniversaries might be symbolic, but that doesn’t mean their acknowledgment isn’t essential in a relationship. This methodology is especially true if one partner finds these dates to be special. It is then incumbent on the other person to remember and make an appropriately big deal out of it. By doing so, the person shows how much their partner means to them.

Accept Difference
While romantic partners have decided to enter into an intimate relationship, they remain distinct people with very different ways of thinking and doing things. Both parties need to remember this. If every time one partner does something differently, the other immediately labels their methodology as “wrong,” a respectful and content relationship will be nearly impossible. Accepting these differences allows for an increased sense of harmony.