As humans, we tend to overcomplicate simple things in our lives and make things a bit more difficult than they need to be. This doesn’t happen by choice; most times it’s already embedded in our nature. Problem-solving involves a lot of the intellectual half of our mind. This is where some of the complications may come in, as when we are faced with a problem we are so filled with energy and determination in the beginning to solve a problem, but not all problems have a simple solution. Problems do not have to be the cause of an unhappy life. Here are 3 things you are doing now that are making your life more difficult. 

Not using your strengths to achieve your goals: 

Let’s face it: our mind is the strongest part of your body if we are truly dedicated to accomplishing a goal. The real question comes in after you’ve determined how you want to achieve your goal: how good do you want to be? Let’s use careers as an example to further elaborate. Some people from when they are born lean more towards self-employment and starting a business, where others are quite content working for a company they believe in. When people tell you about certain traits and attributes that make you unique as a person whether it be in your professional or personal life, take note. Often, this is where you will find your strengths and you will be able to use those traits to achieve your goals. 

Hard work and productivity do not go together:

There is a common misconception that being busy means you are being productive. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as you could be busy doing something that isn’t helping you achieve your goals such as scrolling endlessly through social media while working. On the other hand, if you constantly read books to expand your knowledge during breaks at work, that is being productive towards achieving your goals. Watch how you spend your time to ensure you are productive, and not busy. 

Fitting in: 

All of us want to fit in with everyone we meet. Sometimes, we deviate from the person we truly are to impress the wrong people or a stranger. Well, our instincts can pick up when something feels off and someone is putting on a show for us. If this commonly happens, it’s a sign of a toxic relationship with no common interests. Healthy relationships are not built on a foundation where both people aren’t natural around one another and don’t challenge each other positively. Instead, be yourself no matter who you face and the right people will accept you for who you are and challenge you in a positive way to make you a better person.