About Shashi Dubey

Shashi Dubey is a man of culture steeped in heritage, traditions, and values. He is
internationally respected and renowned in his committed lifelong works in wellbeing, spirituality, world religions, and astrology, to name but a few.

Shashi Dubey has created and mentored talented, world-class professionals, business people, royals, and politicians. He has shared his wisdom and knowledge of ancient and modern science to promote a comprehensive understanding of human nature.

Through worldwide studies and his practice in astrology, health, wellbeing, and natural and spiritual sciences, Shashi Dubey always shares his best available knowledge to benefit Mankind’s wellbeing on this earth. His overall aim since a very young age was to share modern applications of ancient knowledge and wisdom to promote longevity, health, and wellbeing across all sectors of society.

For Shashi, the distinction between a spiritual person and a non-spiritual person is but an illusion we must learn to overcome. The very fact that you are breathing, according to Shashi, is all the proof needed that you are meant to live a fully-integrated, holistic life that leads not only yourself but others to a greater awareness of the infinite love that permeates the universe.










Shashi Dubey has shared his knowledge, teachings, wisdom, and insights to thousands of people across the globe who are looking to explore themselves, the world, and mankind. He calls this sharing of information “Gyan Prakash” – Light of Knowledge. He hopes that this light of knowledge will benefit our future generations to come and reignite interest in the ancient sciences.

For more, be sure to visit Shashi Dubey online and stay up to date with his wisdom and knowledge as he seeks to take you on a journey through life.

In addition, this site will serve primarily as a place for Shashi to share the journey of others he has encountered along the way who wish to share their life change and transformation with the world. Every voice listed on this site is a real person with a real story, and it’s Shashi Dubey’s desire to make everyone he encounters aware that a more peaceful and loving existence is right around the corner and it’s never too late.

Life is Like a Train Ride

Life is Like a Train Ride

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Adjusting To Life Post Covid-19

Adjusting To Life Post Covid-19

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